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Getting Ready for Standardized Tests

A March/April New Teacher Survival Guide from our friends at Scholastic

Spring marks the beginning of standardized test season and the job of prepping students lands largely on the shoulders of classroom teachers. The March/April edition of the New Teacher Survival Guide shows you the way.

8-Step Game Plan for Standardized Test Prep
Help your students perform to the best of their ability on standardized tests with these test-prep pointers from educators across the country.

In-the-Know Test Prep Tips
From game-show style review sessions to reading a picture book that calms the nerves, these teacher-tested tips offer creative ideas on preparing students for standardized tests.

Sharpening Students’ Critical Thinking Skills
Use this word list, based on Bloom’s Taxonomy, to develop questions for class discussions, tests, journal prompts, and reader-response essays. Doing so will improve students’ critical thinking skills for standardized tests and for day-to-day problems.

Clip & Save Checklist: Understanding Cultural Differences in Student Behavior
Sometimes cultural differences can be mistaken for behavior problems. This 16-point checklist offers some possible cultural explanations for perceived behavior issues you may be encountering.

Fit to Print: Honoring Women, Poetry, & Earth Day
Whether you’re sending home a classroom wish list, reminders, or thank-you notes, these reproducibles will shortcut the process.

Classroom Activities: Making Social Studies Come Alive!
Are more and more students looking a little bored or bleary-eyed during history and geography lessons? These easy-to-do, hands-on activities will help you put a quick end to social studies doldrums.

·         Grades K-5            

·         Grades 6-8                        

“Been There, Done That” Tips & Ideas: Homework Compliance
Students who “forget” to do their homework can put a strain on the progress the class makes as a whole. Veteran teachers share their approaches to encouraging homework compliance.

Bookshelf Bests: Sports Stories
Play ball with students' mounting interest in the start of baseball season and warm weather activities with these stories about characters who experience life lessons while swinging bats, kicking balls, shooting hoops, riding bikes, and running races.

·         Grades K-5            

·         Grades 6-8                        

Time Management Tip: Overcoming Procrastination
Whether you have tendency to put off long-range projects or short-term tasks, procrastination is a major time-stealer and can impede career growth. Check out these tips on curbing procrastination.


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