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Flat Stanley Scrapbook

Many are familiar with the children's book "Flat Stanley" by Jeff Brown. The story is about a young boy named Stanley. One night Stanley is laying in bed when a bulletin board falls on him, making him flat. Stanley and his brother take advantage of Stanley's flatness by sending him on adventures, sliding him under doors, and mailing him to friends in envelopes.

In 1995 the book became the inspiration for The Flat Stanley Project, created by 3rd grade teacher Dale Hubert. To participate in the Flat Stanley Project, students had to read the story, create a paper version of Flat Stanley, and mail him on adventures with family and friends, who were instructed to treat Stanley as if he were a real-life guest. During this time, the students kept a journal of Flat Stanley's travels.

Below is a wonderful example of a Flat Stanley Scrapbook Journal. It was created by 2nd grader, Ronnie, with the help of a family friend and his mother, Rachelle, a School Aids employee.

Before Ronnie mailed Flat Stanley to his family friend, Sister Mary, he was instructed to write her a friendly letter describing the project and her soon-to-be visitor. Stanley's first stop was the Tower of the Americas. Ronnie was mailed a post card for every location Stanley visited.


As you can see in the photos above, Stanley had a lot of fun. He learned about the history of the Alamo and got to drive a boat at the Riverwalk in San Antonio. Ronnie also had fun seeing where Stanley traveled. The project served as a great way to develop letter and journal writing skills, as well as sparking an interest in history, culture, and geography. Because Ronnie now has a scrapbook documenting Stanley's travels, he can revisit the locations Stanley went and add new places as he continues to travel.