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Cute, Not Creepy, Halloween: Mummy Door Decor

One of the best ways to let your neighbors know you are ready for Halloween is to decorate your front door. While many prefer the traditional fall/Halloween themed wreath, there are other, more dramatic ways to express Halloween enthusiasm using your door. 

We found this cute mummy door decor idea on the Honey & Fitz blog. It is perfect for decorating any door at an affordable price, maybe even cheaper than those holiday wreaths. 


4 Rolls of White Streamers - cut into strips wider than door, randomly overlap when hanging

2 Sheets of White Paper (computer or construction) - cut into 2 large circles

1-2 Sheets of Black Construction Paper- cut into 2 small circles

1 Roll of Clear Scotch Tape (may also want clear double sided tape) - Use double sided tape to help streamers stay positioned on front of door and to tape eyes on. Use single sided Scotch or packing tape to secure ends down on the inside of door. 

Because this door has big ole' eyes and lacks a ghoulish jig-jagged mouth, it makes your door look friendly, not scary. It would also be a great way to decorate your classroom door for a Halloween party.


Cute, Not Creepy, Halloween: Pumpkin Bowl Hat Craft

We have been searching the web for our favorite cute, not creepy, Halloween ideas and think the best way to start getting into the Halloween spirit is through arts and crafts. 

Check out this cute pumpkin bowl hat craft we found on the Better Homes and Gardens website. What makes this craft so neat is it can double as your child's Halloween costume. The best part is it is easy to make!


1 Orange Bowl- plastic will be sturdier

1 Sharpee Marker - to draw lines on the bowl

1 Cork - painted green

1 Green Pipe Cleaner - curl around sharpee to make a spiral

1 Sheet of Green Construction Paper - cut into leaf shape

1 Hole Puncher - may want to position bowl on child's head and mark holes with sharpee

1 String - strechy string will be the most comfortable and secure

Hot Glue Gun - to glue the cork, leaf and pipe cleaner in place on the bowl

Pair with an Orange tshirt for a whole pumpkin outfit.