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We're Wild About Bulletin Board Set

We're Wild About Bulletin Board Set

15 Pc. We're Wild About… Bulletin Board Set. Watch out! Can it be? Those safari animals are driving jeeps! Kids love jungle animals so they're sure to love this wild and crazy set of cutouts! A great way to decorate the classroom, this colorful We're Wild About… bulletin board set includes zebras, lions, parrots, leopards, monkeys, a rhinoceros, an ostrich, an elephant in a jeep and a "We're Wild About…" title sign (approx. 20” x 17”). Animals vary in size from 8” to 11”. Correlates to state standards. Recommended for grades K-3.

Trimmed with Terrific Trimmers Zebra  and Terrific Trimmers Tiger backed with Fadeless Paper 

Facts about Safari Animals:

"To see a lion in its natural habitat is one of the main attractions of going on safari in Africa. You're more likely to see one snoozing than in active pursuit of dinner since they tend to rest for about 20 hours a day. Lion populations are dwindling, but you will see them in the major parks and reserves including Kruger, Maasai Mara, and the Serengeti. Lions are social and live in prides (unlike other cats) so they are easier to spot than a cheetah or leopard.

The African elephant is the largest land mammal on earth and you'll be in awe the first time you see one on safari. Elephants live in woodlands, forests, deserts and savanna, spread across 37 countries in sub-Saharan Africa. Elephants are quite peaceful if left alone, but if threatened - watch out. There's nothing quite like being charged at by 12,000 lb's of animal, flapping its ears and trumpeting loudly. Elephants can be over 14 feet tall and 30 feet wide. They drink 30-50 gallons of water every day and are vegetarians."

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Source: Africa Travel