Mental Health Week- Wearing Green

 Going green is no longer just for St. Patircks and Earth Day.

This week people around the country are wearing green ribbons to raise public awareness of Children's Mental Health Week.

Why the Green Ribbon?

"In the 1800’s, the color green was used to brand people who were labeled “insane”. The children’s mental health community decided to continue using the color green, but with a completely different focus. Green signifies new life, new growth, and new beginnings. Therefore, green ribbons are worn to raise public awareness to better the lives of children and youth with serious emotional disorders. Please show your support of these children and their families."  Information Source




Mental Health Week- What do you need to know?

Children's Mental Health-What do you need to know? One in five young people have one or more mental, emotional, or behavioral challenges. One in ten youth have challenges that are severe enough to impair how they function at home, school, or in the community1. One-half of all lifetime cases of psychological challenges begin by age 14, and three-quarters beginby age 242. In addition, 80% of people who experience multiple issues with mental health and substance abuse report onset before the age of 20. 3

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Mental Health Week: 7 Super Things Caregivers Can Do 

This week is dedicated to increasing public awareness about the triumphs and challenges in children’s mental health and emphasizing the importance of family and youth involvement in the children’s mental health movement!"

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Where the Sidewalk Sale ends and the Warehouse Sale begins.

On Saturday (April 21st) School Aids had its yearly Sidewalk Sale. Like every year, we had hundreds of happy teachers turning out for the event. Unlike every year, it rained at 6 of our 7 store locations, making the outside sidewalk sale become an indoor warehouse sale. Even with the rain, we all had a good time and wanted to share some of our favorite photos from the day with you!

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Kids Showing Off Their Creative Earth Day Projects



Help your kids get creative for Earth Day by

repurposing materials from around the house.


See what 1st graders from MaST Community

Charter School created!


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