It all started in 1977...Ancy Firnberg, elementary school teacher, and her husband Jim Firnberg, professor and administrator at LSU, founded School Aids Inc. As a teacher, wife, and mother of four boys, Ancy found the trip back and forth from Baton Rouge to New Orleans for teaching supplies was tiresome and time consuming. It was then that this husband and wife team took out a mortgage and started their own teaching and school supplies business.

Now, 35 years later, School Aids has eight different locations in Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida and Texas. Ancy and Jim have also added six members of the family to the thriving business.

Jamey, the oldest son, serves as President - managing operations, finances, and technologies. Youngest, Tim, is over purchasing and the School Aids catalog. Bill manages sales, while his twin brother, Ted, oversees DDS Distributing - the exclusive distributor of Mavalus Tape. Jamey’s wife, Karen, does payroll and Ted’s wife, Christy, is retail store director. School Aids has almost the entire family tree in on the business. There are also over 80 employees who have become an integral part of the School Aids family.